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DBI Consultancy is a Tourism Consultancy Specialising in Strategic Destination Management

The consultancy is managed by Laurie Scott, an experienced international business professional who specialises in delivering strategic and operational planning within the public and private sector visitor economies.

Further to an extensive career in America and the UK, his strength comes from working in partnerships with clients. As an experienced leader working with senior management teams, board members and public and private sector organisations, Laurie understands the priorities that will provide the greatest strategic economic growth for your organisation.

Areas of expertise

Strategy & Planning

Destination strategy, economic development, business planning and operating models.

Travel Trade

Travel Trade sales and marketing strategies and product development.

Business Tourism

Convention Bureau and Business Tourism sales and marketing strategies.

Cruise Destinations

Sales and marketing strategies and product development.


Sales and marketing representation.

Event Management

Event management and operational delivery.


Research and market intelligence.

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Benefit from a highly experienced industry professional with a demonstrable track record of Management in Destination Marketing working across multiple partnerships and stakeholders. Get in contact to find out more.